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Confidently Tackle A Backed Up Toilet

If your child has transitioned from needing assistance when using the bathroom to being independent and able to handle their own needs, you must be very proud of their accomplishments and probably praise their efforts each day. In spite of reaching this milestone, a plumbing problem can become evident if too much toilet tissue or a foreign object are put into the toilet. Are you ready to handle a toilet backup that includes water pouring onto the bathroom floor?

Don't Panic, Be Proactive

First and foremost, do not panic. Accidents happen and this situation is no different than many other unexpected scenarios that you have already encountered. Your youngster could be very scared about what has occurred and you do not need to compound the problem by acting out of character. Head to the bathroom and turn off the valve that is attached to the base of the toilet to get a handle on the water seepage.

Remain composed and ask your child to describe what happened, prior to the toilet backing up. For all you know, a toy or a loose item that was on a countertop or a vanity may have fallen into the toilet and if this is the case, you may be able to retrieve the item. If too much toilet paper inside of the toilet bowl appears to be the problem, you are going to need to remove it by hand. Before working on this, use a mop to sop up the water that has leaked from the toilet and clean and dry the floor.

Gather Supplies To Aid WithThe Unclogging Process

Gather some disposable gloves, a plunger, a trash bag, a plumbing snake, and a flashlight to aid you during the unclogging efforts. Remove wads of toilet tissue and plunge the base of the toilet. If the water level drops, you have likely remedied the problem. If you struggle to get the water to go down, there may be something trapped inside of the plumbing and you will need a plumbing snake to help you dislodge it.

Use the flashlight to help you see into the base of the toilet bowl. Dip the snake into the center hole and wiggle the tool from side to side. Pull the snake out of the hole. Repeat the dipping and removal process several times. Plunge the base of the toilet again to attempt to get the water to go down. Once this occurs, you can turn the water valve on and flush the toilet like normal.